About Us

Dustin Josselyn started the company in June of 2004, although he had 10 + years of experience in providing quality service to building owners and property managers in Greenville, SC.

We are members of the International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA), IWCA Safety Certification Program, and the Scaffold Industry Association (SIA). We are proud members of these organizations for one very simple reason. Each of these organizations exists for the purpose of making their members the safest, most highly skilled, effective industry member they can possibly be, in turn assuring you peace of mind in choosing the best contractor available.

Our employees attend safety training classes provided by the IWCA and SIA and have been certified by both. Employees are certified for boom lift operations, bosun chair and suspended scaffold use. In addition to these certification programs we have weekly safety meetings at our shop.

A very important and often overlooked portion of any contractor's obligation to you is to ensure that you suffer no risk from an under-insured contractor. We carry a $7,000,000 General Liability Policy and full Workers Compensation and are happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance. Very few companies in this industry carry it because it is expensive. Unfortunately, this places the liability directly on the property owner for any injuries that occur on that property. If a company cannot produce a certificate, or if the policy cannot be verified, beware. Make sure your contractor is classified correctly.

PBMS Inc. takes safety seriously. We can answer your questions regarding ANSI I-14.1, OSHA 1910, fall protection, roof top anchors, and building compliancy. Let us help you in making sure your building is compliant.